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Dany's 02 GT Vert
Québec, Canada

Im a proud owner of a 2002 mustang gt convertible that i purshase brand new, here is the description and the mod i did on it so far .

Mustang gt 2002 convertible
color : true blue with tan interior 5 speed, with the bullitt option wheel .


body style : STEEDA front splitter , STEEDA functional race wing, bullitt fuel door .STEEDA emblem

interior: bullitt pedal,bullitt bezzel shifter , mac white face gauge ,and CDC shifter knob , Steeda tri-ax short shifter, STEEDA door plate

suspenssion: pro kit eiback coil spring

Induction : MAC catback system ,MAC prochamber (with mill) MAC cold air intake ,STEEDA intake spacer

well these are all the mods I have for now.

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