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A1C Kiessling's 02 GT
Dover, DE


I am in the USAF and this is my 2002 GT. This mustang has been turned into a one of a kind. I have added a few different cars to this one. I've added a bit of '03 Cobra, Mach 1, Saleen, and '70 Boss. As you can see the theme of my car is a "70 Boss 302, but slightly altered to fit the newer age mustang. I've replace the Boss 302 in the stripes with SOHC 281. The stripes were hand layed by myself in 8 hours. The top and back of the decklid have been blacked out, along with custom taillights.

The Cobra front bumper and side skirts were added for a little more aggressive look, along with the Mach 1 hood and Saleen side scoops. Futhermore, I added a final touch to it by adding the rear louvers. The Mach 1 rims replaced the stock torque thrust rims to give it a little bit of extra retro. So far I've put a BBK cold air intake, BBK underdrive pulleys, BBK 70 mm throttle body and flowmasters for performance mods. Its not much but then again its not like street racing is legal and i have no time for the strip.

So other than that, i present to you my modern boss, a.k.a. "FrankinStang". If there are any questions or comments, email me

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