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Thomas' 99 35th Anniv GT Update

The old photos are here:

In the past 4 years the car has competed in a bunch of track events, (I won a few autocross trophies, a few 1/4 mile track awards) and it's been featured in a bunch of local Mustang shows. I've won quite a few awards from the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup and various other shows.

My webpage describes most of the modifications, and it's at There are a bunch of different pix as well. To save you the trouble, the modifications are as follows:

Engine Mods:
Forged 4.6 SOHC w/new block-
Diamond Dished Pistons-
Manley 4340 H-Beam Rods-
Cobra Crank-
High Volume Oil Pump-
ProCharger D1SC Stage II with 3-core intercooler-
12-lb pulley-
FMS 42# Fuel Injectors-
Stage II Ported Heads-
Ported Bullitt Intake-
Custom Crane Cams-
Custom Larger Harmonic Balancer-

Superchager Necessities:
2003 Cobra Fuel Tank-
Custom tuned JMS chip-
Univer MAF-
AutoMeter Boost and Electric Fuel Pressure Gauges-

Other "Go Fast Goodies":
FMS 3.73 Gears-
Tremec T-56 6-Speed Transmission-
Steeda Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter-
Custom Driveshaft and Loop-
Magnaflow Exhaust-
BBK Long Tube Headers-
BBK Off-Road H-Pipe

Suspension Mods:
FMS 'C' Springs-
Auburn Pro Posi-
Strange Engineering 31-Spline SS Axles-
Steeda Front Sway Bar-
Steeda Adjustable Rear Sway Bar-
Tokico HP Shocks and Struts-
SCR Subframe Connectors-

Other Appearance Mods:
ATS Sequential Tail lights-
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler-
20% window tint-
Aluminum Bumper Inserts-
SRP Door Sill Plates and Pedals-
Aluminum Dash Trim Kit-
MGW Limited Interior Parts-
Team Breed Valve Covers-
Team XTC Smoked Tail lights-

Stereo Stuff-
Pioneer DEH P940MP MP3 Player-
2 Alpine 10" Type R Subs-
Alpine MRF 340 Amp-
Alpine MRD 500 Amp-
2 Sets of Boston Rally Series Seperates-
Audio Control four.1-

Brake Mods:
Baer Brakes 13" Track Kit-
EBC Green Stuff Pads-

At this time now, the car's putting down over 460 rwhp, however it's not tuned properly for the high altitude, (I live in Colorado). The A/F is less than 10.0-1 under boost.



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