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2000 Mustang GT

This is my 2000 Mustang GT. I bought it after I totaled my 1997 GT. Here's a link to the 97 GT I’ve had my 00 GT for almost 2 years. But since my purchase I've been adding modifications to it just trying to get a few more ponies out of it. I still have quite a bit more to add, but this is it so far. I've had it dynoed (prior to Prochamber & Pro M Remote Optimizer) @ 250 rwhp & 290 rwtq. . The A/F ratio was not optimum so I'll be getting another dyno to adjust the A/F ratio. I'm having FMS 4.10 ring & pinion and an aluminum drive shaft installed this month. Here’s a link to the new Stang page

Performance Mods:
K&N Air Filter RU2520
C&L Heat Shield
Pro-M 80 – 90mm MAF / Filter Adapter
Ported 80mm MAF
Pro M Remote Optimizer
C&L True Flow Inlet Pipe
Accufab 75mm TB
C&L True Flow Plenum
L&B .5" Intake Spacer
Mustangworld Accelerator Pedal Mod
MAC Prochamber 2.5” pipe
DMP Mils Eliminators
MAC 2.5” CB w / 3.5 tips
Stant 180º Thermostat Steeda Under Drive Pulleys
Steeda Timing Adjuster @ 14º
Steeda Tri Ax shifter
McCleod 100 Series High Performance
Clutch Assembly T/O/B & Flywheel (Resurfacing)

Interior Mods:
S/R Motorsports Nightglow White Face Gauges
S/R Motorsports Nightglow WFG’s Dimmer Switch
UPR Billet Alum Dash Insert kit
UPR Billet Alum window switch kit
UPR Billet Alum A/C knobs kit
UPR Billet Alum Shifter Bezel Ring
UPR Billet Alum Cruise Control Kit
SRP Billet Alum Race Pedals
FRPP 2003 Cobra Leather Shifter & E Brake Boots
Custom Painted Steering Wheel & Dashboard
Mustangworld Fog Light Rewire Mod

Exterior Mods:
FRPP Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Mustangworld 3pc Billet Aluminum Grille set
SS inserts Polished Stainless Steel Hood Insert
SS inserts Polished Stainless Steel Side Scoop Inserts
UPR Anodized Polished Billet Aluminum Fuel Door
GEF Racing Mirror Finish “MUSTANG” rear bumper letter inserts
Twinky’s Twenty Inch Twanky’s 15% window tinting Chrome Twins License Plate Frame #1 Chrome Twins License Plate Frame #2
Falken 275/35/18 Azenis ST115
Centerline Meteor 18x9.5 Wheels
McGard Chrome Plated Wheel Locks
Mustangworld Windshield Banner “TIKO DON’T PLAY– TDP”


Pics of the totaled 97

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