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Pete's 98 V6
Donna, TX

So far ive done a couple of Mods in the last couple of months:

Ultra clear Headlamp
Ultra clear Fog light
Dual exhuast w/ flowmaster 2 1/2" tips
Mustang insert Letter
17x9" Cobra R rims wrapped in Ecsata Kumho Tires
Red Brake Calipers
Ford License Plate
Tint 35% in the From 5% in the Back

Black Leather Interior
Two 10" DB Drive Subs
A300 DB Drive Amp
Radar Detector

Future Mods
Pioneer Indash TV/DVD player
Cold Air intake
NOS System
Front and Rear Sway Bar

So far ive done this to my car hopefully by the end of the summer ill have the rest of my Mods done and oh yeah theres also a pic of my dads car 31 Ford Hot Rod


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