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Demetrius' Cobra Update

I finally got the 293/35 BF Goodrich KDs out back! I took over 3 hours to get them properly seated on my 9" rims--definitely the max tire width for 9" Cobra Rs! They really hook though! Since my last post, I've added Dynomax Bullet mufflers, which sound better with my Bassani X-pipe than the Flowmaster 2 Chambers did. I've also added some tint, a new Alpine stereo, and a K&N filter to replace the MAC cold air system, which caused frequent stalls.

Current list: Eibach IRS springs, Ground Pounder camber plates, off-set rack bushings, 18" cobra R's with 265/35s up front and 295/35s BF Goodrich KDs out back, Bassani X-pipe, Dynomax Bullet mufflers, K&N filter, Diablo Sport chip, Lightning pulley, Pro 5.0 shifter, fog lights re-wired, and a Alpine 600 watt, 12 speaker stereo. Future mods: After forking over $1200 for the tires, I'm done for a while, but when I get back in the saddle, 410 gears, 50hp shot of NOS, replace rear seat with 12" woofers.

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