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Mustang Celebrates it's 40th Anniversary in Nashville
by Randy Rose -

This past weekend, thousands of Mustang owners were in the Nashville, Tennessee area for the Mustang Club of America 40th Anniversary Celebration. With most festivities held at the Nashville Motor Speedway, you could hear the rumble of 4.6's, 5.0's, etc. all weekend during open track sessions, vintage races, and the burn-out contest.. Ford, SVT, Saleen, Roush, and other numerous product vendors were on hand with the latest models and products.

In addition to over 3000 show cars (not including the thousands that drove Mustangs as non-participants), many special vehicles were also on display such as the Super Stallion, three 2005 models, a Ford GT, and the early MACH I concept car.

Driving around Nashville, it was difficult not to see a Stang on the road or in the parking areas (parked away from general parking of course.) While the event started mid-week and went through Sunday, there was so much for the true Mustang lover to see that the time seemed short. Happy Anniversary to America's Favorite Pony Car!

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