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Tom Terry's Roush GT
400RWHP Update
Apopka, FL

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This is MUST for everyone who has just installed a supercharger, and are
wondering what their next modifications should be:

I think I'm like most mustang enthusiasts who scour the internet and
magazines trying to get real world dyno data for various modifications.
After installing the Vortech SQ and Dynomax catback system in October of
2003, I was very impressed with the result over stock, and how easy
going a supercharger really is. When you want to just cruise or run on
the highway (I drive over 100mi per day), it's not even there. But,
when you want the power, it becomes a totally different beast - quickly.

I have been kept track of the various modifications and their dyno
results. Here are the facts:

Stock Dyno run in early 2001: 211rwhp & 256rwtq. O.K. but not too
exciting. With the 18% drive train loss, this is about what the factory
says should be there (260hp/302tq).

I added a MAC cold air intake, but was doubtful if it did much for the
performance. Besides a sucking sound when you turn the car off, you
wouldn't know it was there. I also tried to get an 80mm MAF to work
(twice), but the car ran very rich, and it was something we couldn't get
to work.

So, in October of 2003, I took the plunge and had the Vortech SQ system
installed at POWER BY FORD in Orlando, FL. I didn't get the after
cooler option, but I do plan on getting it installed someday soon. PBF doesn't have a chassis dyno, so I was off to see "Dyno" Dave Seidel at
Kevin King's KDK Performance Known for their
turbo charged Buicks, he was anxious to test the Mustang's new
performance numbers. After a strap down and O2 sensor install for the
Air/Fuel Ratio, it was dyno time. After 3 pulls the best run was:

Dyno run #2 in October 2003: 345rwhp & 338rwtq. Gain of 134rwhp &

Kevin and his staff were pleased with the result, but told me the next
mod had to be the exhaust. Factory manifolds and all the H-pipe & cats
were very restrictive, especially on a forced induction engine. He also
had heard good things about the C&L Intake Plenum and BBK 75mm Throttle
Body Combo, and was curious to see if their claimed 20hp gain would be
accurate. Fast forward to March, 2004, and it was time for the newest
modifications. KDK recommended the BBK Long Tube Headers and X-Pipe
combo, and we also ordered the C&L package. They stayed open late to
get the headers installed, having the usual challenges of fitting the
passenger side header properly. But without too much angst, they had the
car ready and on their 1000hp SuperFlow Chassis dyno the next day at
noon. Quick work as they "fit me in" around a sea of Turbo Buicks!
Having read all I could about the impact these modifications would have,
I was expecting a 35-40hp gain for everything. If I saw 375-380rwhp, I
would be happy. Here's where it got good:

Dyno run #3 in March 2004: 400rwhp & 382rwtq. Gain of 55rwhp and 44rwtq!

As you can imagine were beside ourselves at the results! We didn't have
the time to test each of the mods separately to see the individual
results, but the final numbers speak for themselves. Increase the
amount of air coming in and going out, and you're in store for a big
jump in the "seat of the pants" feel! Make no mistake, your Mustang
will be louder too, especially in the cabin. But it's a sound of POWER,
and the dyno backs it up

Bottom line: Get some headers and loose the stock H-Pipe. For a few
more $$, get the TB & your choice of intake







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