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Chris' GT 5.0
Boston, Mass

Make: Ford Mustang GT 5.0

This is a 1987 Mustang GT. It has 28,000 original miles, and is pretty much bone stock. The only modifications are a Mac Cold Air Intake, and Flowmaster Exhausts. A Vortech supercharger, and an 80mm Throttle botty are on their way. It has the white face guages, 2 12" subs with 2 Amplifiers. It has all original paper work, and it was one of the last T-Tops made. I have added some chrome accents to the engine and to the interior, such as the chrome prop rod, strut tower covers, strut bar, and many others. It also has 17" chrome Cobra R's, and the original wheels and tires are still in my garage.


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