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This is my 1990 mustang. It started life as a green car with white interior. It is a 25th aniversary edition. It has a 5.0 with an automatic. I bought the car for 500 and it wasnt running. I spent very little money and got the car to run but it needed alot of work. I got the whole car repainted orange and a new door put on. I also added a saleen wing and all new front lights with clear corners.

Then I put a new top and a roll bar with a brake light. I also added a cd player and replaced all the speakers. Then the motor went so i got it rebuilt and added a cobra intake and 1.7 rocker arms. It has flowmasters bbk headers and an h-pipe. After I finished the motor I added a 3.73 gear. I am planning on doing a 5spd conversion because the AOD is worthless. I put all new shocks and stuts on the car and added silver 4 lug cobra r rims.

This is my 1988 gt. It was purchased new by an older couple and driven very little it only had 32,000 miles when i bought it 2 years ago. It now only has 52,000 original miles. It has a 5 lug conversion and sliver cobra r rims. It also has a 3.73 gear and an off road h-pipe and flowmasters. The car also has tinted windows and a cd player and sub.



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