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Seth's 89 5.0

This is my 1989 25th anniversary 5.0. I got the car when I was 15; it was in pretty bad shape. It had all flat tires and a bad paint job with horrible body. It needed a lot of work. (I have the before and after pictures below)…….

Now I am sixteen and $6,000 poorer. All of my money went into my pony. The color of the car is called metallic copper mist. It includes two stripes going down the middle…. ( the way the stripes were made was by mixing white paint with the color….. hence a little bit brighter shade….. it mixes very well.

Performance mods include….. flowmaster exhaust with two chrome straight pipes, edelbrock cold air induction equipped with K&N Filter system, and a 65 mm bbk-edelbrock throttle body, and also a b&m shifter. I have only had my car for about 6 months so I still have a lot of work.


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