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David's 96 Cobra
Dublin, Georgia

This is my Crystal White 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra AKA "Raspy Demon". I've been coming to mustangworld for about 2 years now and I decided to Submit my ride. Her Mods Include but are not limited too (my memory is only so good :P):

1. Engine
-Ported and Polished Factory 4 valve Heads (Re-contoured bowl and short turn radius, and high-flow exhaust port)
-EV8 Hardened Stainless Valves with multi-angled valve seat, Titanium retainers, hardened locks, manganese bronze guides, and titanium Valve springs.
-4 custom Sean Hyland Spec (not Sean Hyland just same specs) Cams (.452 lift intake .452 exhaust, 209 duration at .050, intake and exhaust.) Comp Cams Custom Grinds.
-Stock Ignition with Ignition Solutions Plasma Booster
-MSD 8.5MM SuperConductor Spark Plug Wires... (i had to ditch the taylor 10.4mm, i just got to much Electrical Signal Interferance... I don't know)
-2 MSD Performance Ignition Coil Packs
-8 NGK V-Power Sparkplugs (TR5)
-BBK 62MM Throttle body
-Mac Fender Well cold air unit w/K&N Filter
-Steeda Underdrive pullies
-Heavy duty Ford Motorsport Radiator
-Diablo Sport Delta Flip Chip (3 Stage Custom Tune)
-Chrome Snake Embossed Oil Fill Cap

2. Drive-line
-Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch -Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter

3. Suspension
-Eibach Prokit Springs
-Granatelli Motorsports Double Adjustable Upper Control arms (just retired these and went with some solid uppers, just couldn't stand the noisy and rough ride anymore)
-Granatelli Motorsport Adjustable Lower Control arms (with Weight jackers)
-Tokico Performance Shocks and struts

4. Exhaust
-Stainless Bassani Off-road X-Pipe
-2 Dual Chamber Original Flowmasters
-24" long 3 1/2" Slant Cut Chrome Tips
-Dallas Mustang MIL Eliminators

5. Wheels and tires
-18x9 front & 18x10 rear Chrome 99-03 Saleen Wheels
-Toyo Proxey T1-S's 245/40ZR18 Front, 285/35ZR18 Rear. I have the say these are the best tires I've ever had the pleasure of using.

6. Exterior
-Mustangworld Black Rear Bumper Cobra Letter Inserts
-Cobra with Snakes Windshield Decal
-Snake Grill
-Larger SVT Trunk Lid Emblem
-Chrome SVT License Plate Frame
-Mustangworld Speedshop Hood Decals (4.6L DOHC 32 VALVE)
-Mustangworld Speedshop Rearview Mirror decals (Objects In Mirror Are Losing)
-Sylviania Silver Star Headlight Bulbs (very good, nice and bright, hell of a lot cheaper than HID for not much less performance)

7. Interior
-UPR Billet A/C Controls
-UPR White Face A/C Face
-Cobra Radar Detector
-G-Tech Pro Competition Model
-Steeda Pistol Grip Shifter knob

8. Future Mods
-BBK Long Tube Headers and matching Offroad Mac Prochamber.
-Got the 125hp shot Nos Kit, just haven't installed it yet... I got the stickers on tho!
-ATI P1SC Supercharger
-FRPP 3.73 Gears
-Aluminum Driveshaft
-Accufab TB
-20% window tint

If you'd like, Check out my Web Site on sounddomain



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