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Kris H's 94LX
Lancaster, PA

This is my 1994 LX Mustang that I bought about four months ago. When I
got it, it was completly stock. Since then this is what all I have done to it:

Shogun style 659 Body Kit
Shogun Style #503 Rear Wing
2.5" Cobra Ram Air Hood
17"*9" Chrome Cobra Rims
Street Glow Gold series Under Car Kit
Four 10" Street Glow Neons Underneath Seats,
OPTX Headlight Strobes
Sony Head Unit
Two 12" Jensen Subs in a Bandpass Ported Box with a 500 Watt Punch Amp
Black outs
Dual Exhaust= 3" Stainless Steel tips With 40 Series Flowmaster
Air Silencer Removed

Since I spent all of my money on the exterior since I've had it, next summer I plan to add either a Supercharger. Also alot of other bolt-ons too.

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