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Aaron's 89 Saleen SSC #95
Huntington, IN

Car: 1989 Saleen SSC #95 of 159

Info: 36,600 miles, short throw shifter, & h-pipe.

I have always wanted a saleen, however i didn't think it would ever be a fox body and let alone an SSC, proior to seeing this one i didn't know what an SSC was.....i had no idea how rare these cars were, and i learned that there was only 159 of them made. I also found out that in 1989 this car retailed at $36,500, that totally shocked me, lol but im glad i didn't pay that much for it. All in all,this is one car that i will definetly take care of.

The 89 SSC is one of our favorite Mustangs - MW

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