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Ralph's 97 GT Vert
Fontana, California

My wife, Sylvia

I have a 97 GT Convertible. I bought it 3 years ago from my brother in law's used car dealership. It already came with the Saleen Body Kit, but since then I added,

Flowmaster Mufflers
Custom 2.5" H-Pipe NO Cats-Straight Pipes (too Loud!)
Borla Tips added
Saleen More Control Suspension System
Saleen Hurst Shifter
Steeda Tri-Ax Handle
Saleen Floor Mats
Saleen Light Bar
Saleen White Face Gauges
Interior Trim Pieces Painted Blue
Carbon Fiber Speedo Trim
Carbon Fiber Door Handles
Momo CarbonFiber Shift Knob
Cobra Head Lamps
Diamond Style Clear Corner lights
Taylor Blue 10.5 mm Spark Plug Wire
and then came a Used 9 lb. PowerDyne Supercharger
Which Came With a 70 mm Throttle Body
190lph Fuel Pump
BBK Adjustable Fuel Regulator
BBk liquid filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
and finally Ford Motor Sport 3.73 gears

Before the supercharger I dynoed the car at 200 rwhp, after the supercharger it dynoed at 278rwhp but I was told that I was losing boost because of a slipping serpentine belt and that I'd probably be at 300rwhp once I get the belt situated. I don't Know, I never got it dynoed again.

The best I could pull off were low to mid 9's in the eighth mile, I blamed it on that slipping belt again, slight detonation, and a plastic supercharger air tube that kept blowing off. I never got a chance to run it in the quarter mile because I blew out the Piston rings before I could get the chance. The car sat for a year while I figured out what to do with it, then I decided just to sell the PowerDyne and put another gt motor but also added:

Saleen Wheels 18x8 in front and 18x10 out back with 295 Pirelli Rubber
A Bassani X-Pipe w/ Cats (much Quieter)
Saleen-Borla Cat Back
BBK Polished Under Drive Pullies
BBK Cold Air Induction
MSD Coil Packs
And A 50 Shot NOS system

Unfortunately this time I broke a connecting rod, so the car's at a shop now, XMP and is getting completely redone with an 01 Cobra Motor, Viper 6-speed trans, Vortech Supercharger, and front mount intercooler, and many many more mods.

I also have a black 95 Cobra that's also at the shop, with a 331/Paxton/6-speed.

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