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John's Mustang

H ere are some mods i have done:

180 degrese thermostate, 4:10 ford racing gears, grant steering wheel,
bullitt pedals, mach one chin spoiler, boss 4 inch cowl hood, grille craft grilles, cobra lights with zenon bulbs , B&M slam shifter, B&M shift kit , subframe connectors, stead plugs and wires, bbk underdriver pulleys , 1999-03 saleen rims, toyo low profile tires, brand new paint job metallic blue with thick clear coat, saleen painted tail lights , painted calipers , intake spacer , rear seat delete, 5 by 7 speaker upgrade and 2 6 by 9 4 way speaker, 35th anniversary gauge, white a/c gaugesdiamond plated floor mats , zenon reverse lights , much much more and I will continue to add as I get older.



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