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Charlie's 99 Cobra

I sent in picks not too long ago of my 1995 GT Convertible,
the worst possible thing occured a few weeks later, I totaled it, trying to go around a rotary with a little to much speed and spun it 180 degrees trying to save it, but I slammed into an oncomming car on a main road. :(

Worst part about it, they said it could be saved, but a month later, they said, sorry its a gonner, so I had to let it go, even though I always wanted it untill the day I died.
But as I am very very lucky and loved, my grandmother(Nana) helped me out in purchasing:
1999 Cobra
Bassani high-flow X-pipe
Flowmaster 2 chambers (3 inch tips)
lowering springs
subframe connectors
underdrive pulleys
computer chip
cold air intake
B&M Ripper shifter
heavy duty clutch
Alpine head unit with component speakers

A big shoutout to Charlie's Nana for making the Cobra Purchase possible :-) Awesome new ride ! - MW


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