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Tony D's Turbocharged 94 GT
Green Bay, WIS

Here are some pictures of my 1994, which is also my addiction. I bought this car for myself as my 18th birthday/Graduation present and I couldn’t be happier. The car has received more modifications than I can count but I can’t help it, the speed bug bit me on day one. If I would have taken the Mod money and stuck it into paying off the car, it would have been mine a long time ago. I wasn't lucky enough to buy the car with a supercharger, so I decieded to be original and go the Turbocharged route.

So far the car has been treated to:

Cartech Street Sleeper Turbo kit W/ T64E & Ceramic Coating Upgrade
FRPP E303 Cam,
GT40P Heads w/ Central Coast Mustangs valve train upgrade,
GT40 Intake,
FRPP 30# Injectors,
Pro-M 75MM Mass Air,
255LPH Pump,
Cartech Racing Fuel Management Unit,
Kirban Adj. Fuel Pressure Regulator,
Summit Aluminum Radiator SUM-380431,
FRPP King Cobra Clutch,
B&M Ripper Shifter,
Custom Y-Pipe to retain the Borla T-304 Catback.




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