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GJ's 95 GT
Toronto, Canada

This is my 1995 Mustang GT. If it looks just like any other Deep Forest Green mustang, that's because its supposed to. I've recently replaced the GT badges with the regular horse and bar emblems to complete the low-key look.

What's under the hood is a totally different story. Mods include:

FRPP high performance air filter (M-9601-E940)
FRPP 3.55 ring and pinion gears set (M-4209-G355)
FRPP unequal length stainless steel headers (M-9430-N95)
FRPP 65mm throttle body (M-9926-B50)
FRPP Cobra upper and GT-40 lower intake kit (M-9424-E51)
FRPP strut tower brace (M-20201-A51)
FRPP GT-40 aluminium cylinder heads (M-6049-Y303)
FRPP head bolt kit (M-6065-C289)
FRPP "Cobra" Roller rocker arms 1.70:1 ratio (M-6564-A50)
FRPP spring kit (M-5300-F)
FRPP rack and pinion bushings (M3716-G1)
FRPP Supercharger 6# satin (M-6066-B50)
FRPP EFI High-Flow Rate Injector Kit 30# (M-9593-B302)
FRPP EFI Mustang Fuel Pump (M-9407-C50)
FRPP 9mm Spark Plug Wire Set (M-12259-R301)
FRPP Silver Cobra "R" wheels (M-1007-R50)
FRPP SHD Disk Brake Kit (M-2300-Q)


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