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Shaun, Greg, Tariq, Doug Jr., Doug Sr. and Mike's Rides

(Left to right) Shaun (Hank), Greg, Tariq and Doug's Mustang's

Shaun (aka Hank)
Black 89 GT 5.0
BBK shorties, BBK H pipe, Flowmasters
125 shot NOS
Too much to list, and more to come!

White 87 GT 5.0
rebuilt motor, ported upper/lower, gasket matched
JBA headers, H pipe, Flowmasters
not shown chrome 17" Cobra R's
empty wallet!!!

98 GT 4.6L 2V
Vortech S-Trim (8-10#)
Bassani X, Bassani Catback
Sweetest color, ever.

Doug Jr.
97 Cobra 4.6 4V
Vortech S-Trim (8-10#)
SHM Intercooler
Tremec TKO
SOLD... :-(

Doug Sr.
99 SVT Lightning
*quiet* Flowmasters
Cold Air
SOLD! :-(

79 LX 5.0
Custom Ram Air
*Vintage* woodgrain dash
89 Project in the works

We're all in college, in New Jersey waiting for the warm weather! We're down 2, but some good cruisin to come this summer. Special Thanks to PP for keepin us outta trouble!

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