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Bruno's 92 LX

Bruno 1992 ford mustang lx supercharged, i have allot done to the car to much to list so cant put it all well here is some of my mods i have a vortech supercharger Atrim its small but its not afraid of strim that goes to Jeff lol i have all the other goodies to it but to much to list, i will like to say thanks to my friends that have helped me with my car that goes to MYLES PAVAO, PAUL CAVACO, HOT CHOCOLATE (LOL) HIS NAME IS REAL NAME IS PETER GOUVEIA, AND TO JEFF THE ONE THAT WOULD OF LOST TO ME (LOL) AND ONE MORE THANKS TO MY GIRL THAT HAS HELPED ME OUT WITH MY CAR THANKS CRYSTAL.. WELL THANKS TO ALL FOR HELPING ME OUT WITH EVERYTHING THANKS MUSTANGWORLD .



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