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Robert's 96 Cobra Vert
Boston, MA

I am a Sopomore in college and this is my 96 Cobra Convertable. I bought it myslef last summer. Had only 30,000 miles on it and the original owner kept it garaged so its never seen rain or snow. No serious modifications done to it. I took out the air silencer thats about it. Well see what happens when i get out of College.

This is the second mustang the family has had. Mom had one when she was in college. A 68 with a 289. The parents sold it when they got married and the poor kid who bought it totaled it a week later. You should have been there when she got home from work and it was in the driveway. My buddy sold his Z28 the day I picked up my Cobra. I think he was worried he couldnt back up all his talk.


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