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Kris' 96 GT

17x9 Chrome Cobra R wrapped in Yokohama tires, Underdrive Pully Kit, K&N
air filter w/o noise filter, Custom X-pipe w/o cats, Flowmasters, and
too much more to name. Alot of body and stereo mods are coming soon, 6''
Legacy LCD Monitor, 2 RF 12'' HX2, 1000 watt Legacy series 2 amp, 2
Farad Stiffening Cap, Cobra Front and Rear bumper and a Vortech SQ
S-trim SC.
The Blue Mustang Vert is my girlfriends 1999 35th Anniversary Mustang.
its a 6 bang stand but sharp, to me the styling bar sets it off. Some
Chrome Torque Thurst Wheels will be added soon.



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