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Mike's 92 LX 5.0 Vert
Greensboro, NC

I bought this car as an LX back in March of 2001. GT ground effects have replaced the LX bumpers and I've repainted the "sky blue" single stage paint (as purchased) to "Ultra Blue Metallic" two-stage base/clear finish. I also added the Saleen style wing/spoiler to replace the luggage rack. Basically, everything on this car has been repainted (Body, Rims, Trim, and Complete Interior). I have spent most of my time on the paint work and sound system, so I haven't had much time for engine mods. The only underhood mods I have include: MAC Fenderwell Cold Air System, Casper's Electronics Throttle Response Calibrator Chip, BBK Equal Length Headers, Flowmaster Pipes/Mufflers, and comp plugs/wires.



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