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Arturo's 94 Mustang GT

I've had this mustang since 98 since then, I have worked on it trying to get it the way I wanted it. When I got this car the color was the same and the stripes were all ready painted on the car, but the paint was old and not in the best condition it could be. In 2002 I repainted it, keeping the same color and design. In 1999 I ordered an engine from Ford.

The engine came with GT 40 aluminum heads and a B303 cam then in 2002, I decided to put a vortech supercharger. It dynoed 370hp to the wheels, then I went ahead and changed the heads and the cam in the car. Now it has 2.02 Holley heads with roller rockers and a crane blower cam with 36lbs injectors. It has a Cobra R upper and lower intake with a 70mm throttle body. I replaced my old rear end and put a new one in with 33 spines. I've got 355 gears and an aluminum drive shaft, and a 5 speed Tremec TKO transmission. Now it




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