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Dan's 97 V6
South Florida

I'm 17
Body Year - '97
Engine Year - 2000
Color - Black
Engine - v6 with no mods
Body - no mods except for dark tinted windows
Wheels - 17 in. Chrome Cobra "R"'s
Stereo - Panasonic Receiver with 12 Disc CD Changer

FUTURE BODY MODS - Dual Exhaust with Chrome Tips, White Out Headlights with Blue Xenon Bulbs or Black Out Headlight Covers, Euro Taillights, Billet Grille, Red Painted Break Calipers, Red Fog Light Covers, (2 Sony Explod 12s, Speakers, and Z-Rated Amp)

FUTURE ENGINE MODS - 3.8 L Superchip, Cool Air Intake




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