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Frank's 03 Mach 1 AOD

Here are pictures of my new 2003 Azure Blue Mustang Mach1 Auto. with 32 Valve V8 305 hp. with four speed auto..

I had this ordered since May 17,2003 I got it last friday. I find that Ford might be making 10% or 15% of 2003 Mach1's in Automatics! We find out from our Club/Registry the

I'll have it at the Late Model Mustang Owners Club & Registry Mustang show for 2003 April 12-13

I'am going kept mostly stock but I'll put a Mach1 back panel on it to make it look like a 70 Mach1 look to it. I already put 500 miles on it. Of all the Mustangs I owned this 03 Mach1 is best ever !

Hey frankie ! - MW




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