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Tino's 88 LX 5.0
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This car is a 1988 Ford Mustang 5.0 LX. I just bought it this year during august.I got it at 16 I'm 17 now. I've always wanted something that had the sound of a monster. Now I have that with the looks too! The only word to describe this car is........ "A Beast". Right now it has little modifications to it including two Supper Turbo mufflers with straight pipes, no cats, and a pearl white paint job. The interior has been heavily modified including color change from charcol to black, imported momo racing steering wheel, '92 front seats, graphite pro 5.0 shifter with matching graphite pedals.

A sweet Kenwood system with a sony explode amp, a smaller JBL amp and kenwood speakers all around, two small but effective subs with highs all pumping out a heavy 400w of pure sound. The car has never been winter driven, stored all its life. Only summer driven. The car has 164 000 km......thats right original. Right now at the present time the cars running on an impressive 230 horses wich is stock! Futur plans to the car have already began to take effect with the storing of the car for winter.

When this summer comes along the car will be totally changed......Mods include: BBK H-pipe, K&N air filter with cold air intake, added headers, 3" tail-pipes, a special LX kit lowering the body, Front end clear lights, '93 Saleen Spoiler, 2" drop in suspension, and to top it all off, a brand new Dark Meatalic Blue paint job with 2 white stripes with many layers of clear! When this sweet ride will be complete it will be pumping around a montstress 310 hp with a new Sleek look!!





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