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aka Borobomb

Here's a few pics of my new aqusition, 1987 GT 5.0 along with my 96 GT, my friends 02 GT and another friends 95 GT.

Here's the mods for each car:

1987 GT 5.0 5 speed T tops
Mac eqaul length headers
Mac O/r H pipe
Flomaster 2 chamber mufflers
u/d pullies
3.23 gears
pro 5.0 shifter
powermaster 130amp alternator
NO timeslips yet

1996 GT 4.6l 5 speed
MAC cai
ram clutch
cobra tranny
steeda tri ax shifter
bullitt shocks/struts/springs
mac catback w/ 3.5 inch tips

1995 GT 5.0 5 speed
MSD ignition/coil
mac cai
flomaster cat back
3.73 gears
steeda tri ax
255lph fuel pump
fuel pressure regulator
ram clutch
bbk longtubes w/ bbk short o/r h pipe (installed 10-16-02)
No timeslips yet

2002 GT 5 speed
all stock
no timeslips.



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