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Mike's 94 GT Vert

1994 Mustang GT vert Auto

-Peformance Mods-
FMS 373 gears
B&M Shift kit
Mac cold air kit
BBk u/d pulleys
BBk AFPR w/ bbk guage
Pro-M 75mm Bullet
FMS 9mm wires
BBk o/r X pipe
BBk unequal shorty headers
Smog pump delete
100+lb diet
(Next- Tweecer tuner, full length subframes)

-Cosmetic mods-
Custom black/red tweed interior
Cobra headlamps/clear coners
Cobra R wheels 17x9 (polished)
Falken tires 245x45x17(front)275x40x17(rear)
BBk 1.5" lowering springs /offset rack bushings
Painted calipers (gunmetal)
Painted MustangGT in rear bumper(black)
Lowered antena(level with top)
Fog light rewire
Manual fan switch rewire
(Next-repaint car with a killer custom job)


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