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Kevin's 96 GT Coupe update

The car has gone through a total 360. I got rid of all the junk it didn't really need. I started with removing the Saleen style SR wing and replaced
it back to the stock spoiler. Hopefully soon to be changed to a 95 Cobra wing or just left alone. The stereo system was removed and was changed back
to the original Mach 460 system. Mods planned from before, for the car, have been totally changed as well. This winter the car will receive a stroker kit
from Steeda Motorsport, also a velocity intake system from WMS Motorsport ( ) out of Alberta, Canada. The car gained a little HP over
the year getting a set of Mac headers, with a Mac prochamber H-pipe( NO CATTS ). Mac cat-back system was also purchased but will not be installed.
A Ford Racing ( SVO ) side exhaust kit will be installed over the storage period this winter. Now that the stereo was removed I was now able to
install the Roush pulley system which gave it a little help. The Ford Racing 4.6 head-swap was also brought to mind, this will also be coming very soon
considering we are keeping this car naturally aspirated.

Jenny makes the car look even better !

The idea for this car is to keep it clean and simple but for it to have a bad side too. The only real body modification is the front lights. The front cobra head lights were purchased from Ford to keep the OEM quality and the clear side makers came from APC. We removed the clear tail lenses and replaced them with a set of 5L tail lights, but wish to find another pair of 96-98 style to put back on. We have planned on getting a custom order from the old owner of Dech Motorsports. We want a custom wing and front clip made for the car.

The car has had some suspension work done. First starting with the shocks, we used Koni 5-way adjustable shocks and then dropped it with a nice set of Eibach springs. We proceeded by adding a front and rear sway bar and a urethane bushing kit. The subframe connectors were donated by Mustang Specialteaz out of Mississauga, Ontario ( ). The wheels were supplied by Dream Tire LTD. out of Burlington, Ontario ( ). We went with the 17 inch Cobra R replica wheels for only one reason and that was the polished finish. We wanted something different, everyone had the chrome and silver so we went for the polished. The wheels are going to be updated with the OEM Cobra R Y2K wheels, the chrome finished has been chosen. The interior is mostly stock, we had the seats died black and a few peices of trim were died along with it. A Mac shifter knob was also installed and the Autometer Sport Comp tach light up the interior after sunset.

Greater Toronto Area Mustang Club Show & Shine at the Ford Plant in Oakville, Ontario.

The exhaust choice for the vehicle took some time and some hard thought. We wanted something mellow but something that grabbed the attention of others. We also needed to take into consideration the emission laws and the tightness of the police in the area. We bent the rules a little with the emissions law buy running the car with no catalytic converters. The car has a set of Mac long tube headers and a Mac Prochamber H-pipe with a custom Dynomax cat-back system, which will be removed when the budget can fit the SVO side exhaust system from Ford Racing.

The Driveline in the car is nothing special. We upgraded to a Pro 5.0 shifter kit, with 3.73 gears in the rear. We plan on adding the Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft over the winter period as well.

The valvetrain is also being looked at as another possibility for more Horsepower out of this 2V. A set of Crane Regrind camshafts will be purchased as well as lifters, pushrods, roller rockers, valvesprings, retainers and as well as some new valves.

Look Back in Spring 2003 For A Big Update...

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