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Robert's 96 Cobra
South Carolina - U.S. Navy

My baby is a 1996 SVT Mystic Cobra #1568/2000.

Mods Include: BBK Offroad H-Pipe - 2 Chamber Flowmasters - 70MM Throttle Body - Vortech S-Trim Supercharger tuned to 9psi w/ Highflow Intake, Ingnition, Vortech Fuel Pump and Timing Retard - 4:10 Gears - King Cobra Racing Clutch - Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter - Nology Wires - 24lb Injectors - Ford Racing Aluminum Drive Shaft - Autometer Sport Comp Monster Tach w/ 2 Tach Adapters - Polished Cobra R Wheels - Nitto 555R 245/45/17 Extreme Drag Radials.

I run 11's, 1/4 mile, almost 400lbs of torque, just over 500hp.

Labled on my windshield is NES Performance. A small Suupercharger buisness I started as a part time job. I work full time as a U.S. Navy Police Officer in South Carolina.




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