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Glen's 03 Cobra
Plymouth, Mi

I am 21 and live in Plymouth, Mi. I had a 99 cobra convertible till I picked up this one. And boy did I make a good choice. I picked it up around two weeks ago and have already begun modding.

03 Cobra Zinc Yellow Coupe
- Custom Graphics
- K&N Air Filter
- Air silencer Removed
- Modified air filter box
- Tinted Including 6" Drop In Front
- Bassani off road X-Pipe
- Bassani Catback

This thing is a beast, especially with the mods I have already done. This cobra fears no Ls-1 and some Ls-6's. Watch out 2002 zo6's, better mod up :) . All in good fun this cobra will give plenty of cars a run for their money. I plan to get some long tube headers when bassani is done with the testing phases and a bigger lower crank pully for some more boost. Cant forget an aftermarket shifter either. Those are my first priorities. This car is a joy to drive and I have yet to find any complaints with this cobra.




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