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Perdo's 94 GT
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A shout out to Pedro representin' in the Dominican Republic - MW

I am from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It's located in the Caribbean between Puerto Rico and Cuba.

I have a 94' Mustang GT which currently has 636 hp in the flywheel. I just installed a short block, a 347 Probe stroker.

Currently parts that it has installed:
347 Probe Stroker

Procharger D1SC with 3 core intercooler 15psi

Chris Johnson Chips
Edelbrock 65 mm Throttle body
GT40x heads (ported)
Crane Cams 1.7 Roller RockerSteeda no.19 Cam
Ford short headers. Ceramic coated
Oil cooler
Pressure regulator
In tank 255 LPH gas pump
In line external Pro Pump,fuel pump
Steeda shifter
Steeda Tri-ax
Clutch quadrant
King Cobra dual clutch kit and flywheel
Upper and lower cobra intake manifold (ported)
Tremec 3550 transmission
True trac positive traction
Upper an lower aluminum control arms
Steeda Coil spring
Steeda subframe conectors
Rack offset bushings
Steeda camber caster plate
Adjustable Koni shock absorber
Steeda rear Swaybar
Steeda cams
Griffin 2 row 1.5 tubing Radiator
Cobra R Wheels
Cobra front brakes with a slotted disc and HPS pads
42 lb./ injectors
75 mm Pro+M Optimizer


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