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Jaime's 98 Mustang update

Well, since first featuring my 1998 Stang on here back in Dec., I have given
her a "face lift".
She was wrecked 2 days before X-mas, and I was devastated! Only the front
end had any damage, but then decided that this could work to my benifit.
Here are my current mods as of now....

Erebuni Showgun style 659 front bumper Thanx to paAutoRacing
Cobra R Ram Air Hood
Saleen Wing
Dual exhaust (Flowmasters) url stickers (in red) on my side windows
Chrome door pins, a/c knobs, cig lighter, e brake handle (

Here are a few pics of my new mods, plus a few from my first
car show of the season. The white car next to mine (to the right) is my
husbands 2003 Hyundai Tiburon.
I placed 3RD in this show, and so far am 3 for 3 in car shows! :)
Please check out the website below to see more cool pics of my car!
(scroll down a little, 4th car shown)



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