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Alvin's 94 Cobra

I bought this 94 Cobra as a theft recovery in 2000 for $1000 . All that was left when i bougt it was a shell . As you can see in the pic's i have put lots of time & money in the car sence. Best ET to date is 13.03 @ 106.7mph. Have not yet tried the nitrous on the track yet, but the kit brings the rwhp from 259 to 325 & the rwt from 308 to 398.

Mods include:
TFS streetheat intake
March underdrive pullys
TFS stage 1 cam
70mm mass air
Tremec 3550 tranny
BBK 70mm TB
Areomotive fpr
Ron Davis 4 core radiator
190 fuel pump
Power Slot cross drilled rotors
polution pump elim. kit
Edelbrock 80HP NO2 kit
MAC equal lenth headers & off road H-pipe BBK cold air
Flowmaster cat back
Kenny Brown Exterme sub kit
$12,000 in to the project.


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