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J.R.'s 94 GT
Alexandria, VA

The colors are changing more every day, it was winter when I had it painted (short sun days). Now that the days are longer, the height and the angles of the sun make it undescribable how the color looks. With polarized sunglasses on, all the extra light is filtered out, and the spectrum of color on this car is phenomenal! Words can't describe.

I've been stopped so many times - with anything from praise on the beauty - to jaws dropped in awe at stop lights. I've actually read the lips of people as I've passed them, say "Wow!" Kids love it. And it's to every one's benefit that I don't do the speed limit on the highway, no one will pass me. All there is is a line of cars passing me eventually and noticing why traffic flow has been so slow. And one by one, each car passes, only after cruising beside me and taking their turn at a gaze.

People who pass quickly and not notice, eventually hit their brakes after glimpsing in the rearview mirror, or being yanked on the sleeve by the awing passenger. It's a 1994 Mustang GT.

Two batches of pictures, the first batch was when the car had BASF Extreme Ocean (purple / green / blue), Now it's PPG Harlequin (orange / red / blue / purple / gold). It's been modified, but looks best going slow... turning heads is more fun than paying for new rubber and insurance points. I'm 32yrs old, and my insurance is only $50/mo. It saves not to be stupid - take it to the track!

We got the pic batches mixed up.. but the paint looks great ! :-) - MW



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