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1995 white Mustang Coupe 3.8L V6
1993 red Mustang Lx 4-cylinder

Hey, my name is Ricky from Rittman, OH I'm only 18 and this is my second mustang. I'm proud to say I bought both of them my self with out any help. I purchased my white mustang in november 2000. When I bought it, it was completely stock. It had no stripes or rims. Now it has been about 3 months and I've put over $2,000 in the looks. It's never seen winter, and since I've owned it, it hasn't seen rain. I got my red mustang 2 years ago when I was 16.
Theres nothing better in the world than to ride down the street in this stang and all heads turn.

I've had nothing but compliments! These pictures can't even describe how beautiful the car really is. So I figured to put these pics on my favorite mustang web page so you could see them!

The exterior mods include:
Running pony down the side of each side of the car
2 Contour stripes down the hood that say "Dominator"
Headlight covers
Mustang windshield decal
17 inch Mustang "Bullitt" Rims
Yokohoma low profile tires
pilot remote control driving lamps (not shown on the car, I just got them!)

The interior mods include:
Custom interior plastic Red and Black
Sony Xplode 50*4 w. Head Unit
Two 20" Lava neons in the back window
Three more 15" red Neons two under back seet and one above head visors (they have music interference)

State-of-the-art alarm system installed by D.E.I
I have alot more mods for the futer. All the Idea's came from If it wasn't for who knows what I would be driving.You have the best web site, Thanks for a great site!

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