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Michelle's 97 Cobra

Hey there, Here are some pics of my Pacific Green 97 Cobra. So far I have added a ground pounder drag launch kit, ground pounder upper and lower control arms, 4.10 richmond gears, mac o/r h-pipe and 2.5cat back system, k&n filter, pro 5.0 shifter, centerforce dual friction clutch, asp pulleys, 17x8 front 17x10.5 rear chrome cobra r's, black shelby style racing stripes and shelby style hood pins.

On the way this week is a nitrous express stage 1 kit and the genx-2 upgrade for it! The car ran a 13.7@103 in bone stock form last year. I'm looking for 12's this year!!! What dou think not too bad for a chick's car, huh???? Thanks for letting me show the world that the girls can play with the boys!!!

(not bad at all.. in fact, some girls are kickin the guys asses ! Michelle rocks ! - MW)


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