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John B's Cobra update
Sandy, Utah

After an accident where the car was rear ended, I started remodeling. Added
a Steeda rear wing, a GT front, and a Steeda airdam. Also went into the
suspension and replaced the Kenny Brown rear springs with some Steeda
700-850# progressive springs, and added a Griggs Bump Steer kit to the front,
along with a Griggs 3 1/2 inch driveline. Also added Chrome 10 inch rims and
went to 275/40-17 inch Michelins.

The season was great for my daughter and I in Open road Races. We won 1st
at Big Bend Texas at 135, and 1st for the Gold Rush in Nevada at 145. 2nd at
Battle Mt, NV at 135, 3rd at Elko NV at 135, and 5th twice at the Silver
State Classic at 135. We also reached a new top speed of 172 at the Silver
State. My wife and I also raced at the Virginia City Hillclimb, had a great
time. Dropped our time from 4 min 55 sec to 4 min 5 sec and hit t op speed of
110 in the radar zone. This season we plan on hitting around 3 min 35- 40 sec
as our target. A truly terrifying course where you run up hill for 5.2 miles,
every year at least one car is totaled out. My wife also got several trophies
in her 2001 Corvette, amoung her favorites was rookie of the race for the
Spring Silver State.

The car also did very well in the car shows, won 3 at Battle Mt, 2 in an
Autorama show, several at various other shows, got a total of 29 trophies in
the 2001 season between racing and carshows. Also placed and or won several
Auto cross events in Utah and Idaho. Car will soon be featured in Muscle
Mustangs and Fast Fords.
I also was Captain of Team Ford in the Open Road races, we won First at
Elko and at Texas, 2nd in Battle Mt, and 2nd at the fall 2001 Silver State.
We also got an unofficial 1st at the Goldrush. In Texas we beat out 3 huge
Vette teams for a combined time of .77 of a second off perfect. They combine
the 5 best team member times, deduct any dq's. at the SS race we where .002
better than the Porche team.


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