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Luke's Mustang
w/ Custom flames

Hi, my name is Luke.This is what my car looked like when I first bought it. I bought it when I was 16. I am 17 now. And the small amount of money I make goes straight into my car.

We sanded it until we were blue in the face!!!

My Dad and I painted it ourselves. It took us forever to tape off the flames. We painted it a metallic black with pearl purple "ghost" flames.

Here is a pic. of me in front of my car. You can barely see the "ghost" flames. They have to be in the perfect light to see them.

We put 5-star pony wheels on it, rear window louvers, and a Mach 1 2.5" high rise hood.I also have a Sony X-Plod stereo system in it.


This is my lighted Ford sign. It comes on whenever I turn the lights on.


My Dad and I.

Excellent job with the ghost flames and the Mustang guys ! - MW


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