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Aurelio's Mustang
Antonio, Texas

I live in San Antonio, Texas, Where the founder of Texas Jam Racing, Mike Murillo is from. Well I'm good friends with new owner of Texas Jam, which is now called "The Hot Rod Store". I would like to send you some pics of my car. I had ordered a GT-40P long block from Excessive Motorsports but they screwed me because the engine only lasted 2 months. Well now the owner of the hot rod store, Keith Campbell made me a good deal on a 347 Stroker and I'm planning of having my car running by new years. My stroker engine will contain some goodies, like: 4340 Eagle crank, JE piston(9.5:1), 4340 Eagle Rods, B50 block(from Tommy Vaugh), Lunati Cam(stage 2), and Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads(maybe ported). The short block is being put together by the people in Dearborn, Michigan "Livernoise".



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