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Jaime's 98 V6 Stang
Gillespie, Il

Hi! My name is Jaime and this is my 1998 red Mustang 3.8L. V6., 5 speed. I
have had this car almost 2 years. It is the love of my life I and wouldn't
trade it for the world! It had 19,500 miles on it when I bought it, and now
it has about 47,000. Since I work in my home Mon-Fri., my Mustang sits in my
garage all week, and I take it out on the weekends to play w/ it.
This car is basic stock (for right now anyways) as far as the engine goes.
It is still under warranty and I don't mess w/ it to much because I don't
want to void my warranty.

The work I do on it now is basically for show. I will work on the looks,
then get to the engine when I can.
I have had it in 1 car show and brought home a 3rd place trophy in catagory
for 98-New. Not to bad for my first car show and for being female!! ( I beat
a 2001 Chevy Camaro!! WHOO HOOO! :) !

As far as sounds go, it has the basic Mach 460 stereo stystem in it, and I
love it! Sure, louder is better, but I'll work on that in the future (Maybe
upgrade to the Mach 1000 if possible for the older models!)

My mods...(I am going for the white on red look)

A BIG thanx to Mustang World for there help w/ these mods alone.....
Red pony wheel inserts
Red door inserts
Red gauge pod
White bumper insert
Grill insert and valance insert as well.
Lowered my windshield wipers from the "do it yourself" page
Just something a little added here..I HAD a MW crest on my back windshield,
had to remove it due to Pony decal... Sorry guys. :(

Grille insert

MOMO shifter knob and boot in red and blk leather (
Chrome Mustang logo valve stem caps (
Mustang windshield decal (in the same font style as the rest of the writting
on my car).
Holograpfic pony decal in rear windshield (VERY cool when it changes
colors!)...Gotta love this!! :)
Decal ponys down both sides of my car. This turns ALOT of heads!! :)
Sequential turn signals
Personalized plates
White pin striping on hood and around the rear liscence plate
Red and blk carbon racing pedals (Summit Racing)
Ford chrome plate brackets (just added)
Red winshield wipers (just added)

Door jamz and gaugepod

Engine mods...

Removed air silencer (Thanx MW!)

Future mods...
Polished chrome a/c knobs, e-brake handle, headlight switch, door pins, and
cig lighter (ordered-MGW))
white stripe kit for 3rd brake light on ass end (ordered-Purley Pony)
K&N Filter
Replace decals and have them painted on by Carl's Auto Body
Mustang logo red floor mats (all 4)
New pony emblem on the front
Dual exhaust
Paint the interior dash, console, and door inserts red to match my red on
black effect.

If it wasn't for and some of the websites that were
referred to me thru MW,
I wouldn't have been able to add those little special touches that make all
the difference! :)

If anyone has any ideas they want to share (or if you can help me out w/
ideas on painting my interior), or if you have any questions, please feel
free to email me @



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