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Ryan's 99 Cobra
aka Bass99cobra
Orlando, FL

I'm 21 and I live in Orlando, Fl.

I am currently doing quite a bit to the car including some suspension,
stereo, and exterior mods. My current list of already installed mods is as

-Mustangworld "COBRA" inserts for rear bumper
-Cobra grille emblem
-Bassani Hi-flow X-pipe
-Dynomax 3" tubing
-Flowmaster 2-ch Deltaflows
-4" Magnaflow rolled-tips (not shown, this size should have come stock!)
-K&N Filter (I think that is pretty much assumed)
-Air silencer removed
-Alpine SEC-8028 Alarm
-Kenwood KDCX-917 CD Receiver
-Kenwood KDCCX85 10-disc changer
-MB Quart DKD116 rear speakers
-Dynamat in most areas
-Cobra Floor Mats

The car has dynoed at 274 RWHP and 280 RWTQ.


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