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Beefcake's 01 Lightning

Well guys, The cobra is sold and I have moved onto my next project vehicle!

I have purchased an 01' Lightning. Had it 2 weeks and have added the following.

JL Chip, JL 4lb Lower Pulley, PSP Filter Kit, PSP Factory Tech Shift Kit, Custom Magnaflow Dual Stainless Glasspack Exhaust.

I had a chance to put the truck on the dyno. It made 379 rwhp and 471 rwtq, these are corrected numbers.

Made it to the track on Friday, the air was so thick the track had to be stopped because of Fog. The truck still ran a 13.25@104.51 on stock tires. I'm pretty sure it'll run 12's on the stock tires as it sits.

I have attached some pics of the truck along with some sound files and some pics of the exhaust plus some timeslips!

Lots more to come!

Here is a link to a burnout .mpg
Here is a link to my 13.25 run Listen to that blower!
Here is a link to one of my dyno runs!

Thats all for now, stay tuned for updates!

We are going to miss the Cobra project.. but the new truck looks good ! - MW


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