Dwayne Johnson's pics
from the Woodward 01 dream cruise

This of course is our R. Remember Rob getting arrested on it last year?

We had to park our "R" next to this one! Sure looks good!

Most fitting ego plate for "R" car don't you think?

This is us talking to the car cruising with us........ do you know who it is?

That's right! Steve Saleen cruising woodward with us and our "R"! That is me sneaking in a picture!

Here is the guys at Team Mustang who sold us everything we needed for the day except a gas pedal! You think I am kidding, we broke the gas pedal on the R racing (OOPS I mean cruising) at woodward and we thought sure these guys would have one but noooo! They were great guys though thanks for the sunglasses!

What is he trying to say?

Here is the KennyBrown mustang. We talked to them about a supercharge for the R. Yes we are putting one on it as soon as someone can do it. Come on paxton vortech steeda! Someone has got to of figured it out by now!

Well that is most of the cruise and we are glad to share them with everyone! We are interested in your thoughts or pictures especially you ladies who are also mustang fans! Send emails to


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