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Brendan V's 00 GT
and Family's stangs

This is my 2000 Mustang GT with mods that include:

- Mac 2 1/2 in. cat back exause system
- Mac off-road X-pipe
- Eibach 2in. lowering kit
- MSD ignition
- K&N Air filter
- 20 tint all around
- 2001 GT hood

After the summer I hope to have a blower and a set of new gears for the rear-end. My family is basically dedicated to mustangs. My dad drives a 2000 cobra, my mom drives the silver GT convertible, and I drive the blue GT. The pics of my car with the cobra and the convertible were taken before any of the mods were done.

As you can see, just even the visible effects, like the hood, windows, and lowering make a huge difference in the cars stance. Not to mention some of the sweet power I picked up from the other mods.


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