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Gary's 2001 Cobra

I originally placed my order in October 99 and hesitantly waited for my 2001. It was a very long wait but it was definitely worth it. After owning a 90 GT, 95 GT and a 95 Cobra, I can say without a doubt, this is the best Mustang I've ever owned. And knock on wood, NO problems at all.

So far my list of modifications is mainly cosmetic but would like to do more as money permits. Unfortunately the stuff I have ordered started coming in after the pictures were taken. As of now this is my list:
- Oil cap with Snake Logo
- Kar Kraft Cobra Snake Mats
- Kar Kraft Cobra Grill Emblem
- MagnaFlow Cat-Back

My future list includes:
- MGW Satin Cobra Shifter Knob
- MGW Satin A/C knobs
- MGW Satin SVT Lighter
- MGW SVT Oil Dipstick Handle
- Lowering Springs (not sure which ones yet)
- 4.10 gears
- Tri-Ax Shifter
- Pullies
- K&N

Hopefully by the end of summer I can have everything done. If not it will give me something to do while the car is in storage next winter.



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