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Frankie spots True Blue Bullitt

Here's pictures of the True Blue Mustang Bullitt GT parked near my Bright Green Mustang. I was shocked when I was coming out of the All Ford Swap meet going home and I saw it beside my Mustang.

I waited for someone to come to the Bullitt to ask about it. It was an hour and half but no one came too the car, so I left, but I like the blue better then green color on the Bullitt.

Below are also pictures of other Mustangs at swapmeet and new 2001 Zinc Yellow Cobra.

Our Club (Intl.SN95 Late Model Mustang Owners Club & Registry) is getting ready for our show for all late model Mustang from 1979-2001 on Sat April 14,2001 in Charleston,WV Beside Hooters At Ames Department Store paking lot in Charleston,WV all money raised goes to Ronald McDonlad house of Charleston WV AND HOOTERS WILL BE THERE TOO! For more infor. E-Mail at or call 304-562-6742



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