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Carlos Nazario's 99 Cobra
Officer, US Army

I'm the happy owner of a 1999 Cobra #2294 of 4040

Within a month of having the car I installed 3.73 FMS gears, K&N replacement, aluminum pedals, tints, and Cobra grill insert. Got the Snake dynoed before the fix w/just the 3.73 and the K&N and the numbers were: 264RWHP/273RWTQ. After the fix I got the vehicle re-dynoed with some wonderfull results: 290.1RWHP/293.5RWTQ (see attached dyno sheet). After that the track it was and the car ripped a best of 13.09@107MPH!!!!!

After that I added the following mods:

Steeda Underdrive Pullies
Steeda IRS Kit
Steeda Stering Rack Bushings
Eibach Pro-Springs
2 Chamber Flowmasters
Racer Choice Shifter
MAC 2 1/2in Off Road "H" pipe
Mil Eliminators
Wing Moved back 3in

My goal: 12.99 all motor and 300+ RWHP/RWTQ

Future mods: SPRAY!!!! Just 75 HP Kit as soon as it get availabe, shift light and chromed Y2K rims!!

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